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King Toad

King Toad Down near the swamp a bit to the left of a big cypress tree, a favored fishing hole, well hid, overflowing with life to be hooked or seen. Many hours day, night I spent there in peace. Twas … Continue reading

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Percy the Ghost Seer

  Our cat, Percy sees ghosts or at least he does Mary, our resident apparition. It has been a couple of months since his last meeting with Mary, and seated, I witnessed the event frozen in fear with the hairs … Continue reading

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Percy’s Meow!

Percy is overwhelmed by the human love and kindness he’s receiving from around the world via the various social media sites. He wanted me to blog a powerful, claw-free, paw-filled, purrfect “thank you” to those out there who cherish life … Continue reading

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Epic Poetry Lives within Richard M. Knittle, Jr.

It is both an honor and privilege to invite poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. and his precious son, Ryder onto my site. If you are a lover of poetry in general, fear not, because lovely poems, including epic poetry, are alive … Continue reading

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from the heart

The genuine kindness and selflessness generosity of others within the worldwide writing community continue to amaze me, touching my heart, lifting my soul. Two simple words, “thank you”, do not adequately convey my deepest appreciation to beautiful people such as … Continue reading

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What is it about…poetry?

Hopefully, you can help me out with this one. What is it about poetry? I know I’ve been very fond of it from the earliest age, and it’s mysterious allure continues to beckon me into a world composed of words … Continue reading

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Almost a Blog

It’s been at least three decades since the idiot who hosts this site has posted a blog, Frankly, just between you and me, he hasn’t got it in him. Creativity has never been his Sunday-best suit, but some weird stories have … Continue reading

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