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Have you asked yourself why you write? I won’t inquire how often. I know you do so out of your love for writing. Many would offer that they are compelled to put pen to paper or busy fingers to MS Word. It is within their DNA. But with these answers as gospel, what is the purest and probably, simplest expectation at the core of your hard work? What do you anticipate in return for the thousands upon thousands of hours you have spent putting a manuscript together for publication? Once it is out there, what is next? Is it for fame or monetary gain despite the huge odds against these?

From where I labor with words, the simple answers rest in a reader and a review. Hopefully, there will be plenty of both.

Beyond reading an author’s book, it’s well known that the best gift a reader can present to an author is a fair and honest review. Their import should never be minimized or disparaged.

There is no better feeling of satisfaction for those of us who write than knowing someone appreciates your words in print. One gracious review can fuel your pen while making those tedious hours invested worth every second.

There is no greater example of what I’m trying to convey than this magnificent review given to my novella, MARY’S TRUNK by internationally acclaimed, best-selling, Australian author, C.A. Hocking. I’m delighted she read some of my books, and it was an honor to receive her brilliant and very kind review on this one, as well as my poetry.

This alone answers every question above.

From the heart of my pen and soul of my words, thank you dearly, C.A. Hocking.


5.0 out of 5 stars Mr  Shaw takes us on a delightful and original journey.

on April 25, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Yesterday I sat in the Autumn sun here in Australia and read Ron Shaw’s Cramped Quarters Part 1 after a recommendation from a friend to whom I’d already recommended Mr Shaw’s poetry of which I’m already a devotee. All I’d been told was it was about a ghost. So I began, not sure what I was going to get. Well, what I got was a little of Mary, the Victorian ghost living inside an antique trunk purchased by Mr Shaw (and indeed I am intrigued by her story which will apparently unfold in the sequels), but what was more important was I got an insight into Mr Shaw’s world of insomnia, garage sales, squirrels, Croation beauties, high school reunions, the injustice of bullying, family health crises, and a deeply spiritual, compassionate and articulate human being in his stream-of-consciousness meanderings. His writing is a joy! Having already fallen in love with his poetry, I found his way with expressing his thoughts in prose to be naturally poetic. In every line and paragraph. He has a gift for letting us in without making us feel like intruders. I giggled at his description of the intellectual abilities of squirrels and racoons, shed a tear for his wife as they made their way through the cancer maze and cheered him on as he supported a victim of lifetime bullying. I found this little book to be fearless in revealing who the author is and refreshingly original in this era of copy-cat authors trying to cash in on the latest fads. I’ve downloaded the rest of Mary’s and Mr Shaw’s story with anticipation. And now I have to go. Got some good books to read!




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  1. Nice post. that shows a kind of relation between an author and his readers. and yes, it has to be enjoyed to it’s fullest. An author should fully exploit his readers putting all those words cooked beautifully into a novel or poem or any other dish to serve it to them.

    • ronshaw says:

      Thank you for visiting my site, reading my post, and especially for your comments. You and they are very much appreciated.
      Visit often and your comments do matter to me.

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