Epic Poetry Lives within Richard M. Knittle, Jr.


It is both an honor and privilege to invite poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. and his precious son, Ryder onto my site.

If you are a lover of poetry in general, fear not, because lovely poems, including epic poetry, are alive and thriving from the pen of Richard M. Knittle, Jr. like in his book, Out of the Darkness: A Poets Journey.


Like many marvelous, highly-talented and caring men and women, I met Richard about two years ago while seeking the best guests from around the world for my internet radio show, not-so-cleverly named, The Ron Shaw Show. Immediately, I was captured by his arduous journey in winning custody of his son, Ryder. His epic poem that is The Battle Lost: Ryder’s Birth, about this ordeal touched my heart like no other poem had done since my early college days during the 1970s. His illustrations within this work are the perfect compliment to the angst and pain Richard was experiencing with his battle for his son’s well-being, in fact, his life.


I’ve been blessed to know this man, his son, and his beautiful poetry. Difficult journeys are no mystery to me, and my heart will always go out to those seeking a better life and justice for those in need whether family, friend or stranger.

Richard and I have done two Internet radio shows together, and it is always an extreme pleasure to chat with him about poetry, life, love, family, and any other topic of joy or tears.

Recently, Richard asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a poem with him. Of course, I was honored to do so. We tossed the idea around a bit and came up with what I considered as a unique creation. Richard was gracious enough to pick the overall theme of the poem, and he wrote the first three lines of his vision. I chose to weave a line of my own after each of his lines. This process, of Richard, writing the odd-numbered lines and me the even-numbered ones, grew into a beautiful poem by two men who have become friends through words spoken and in print, deeds, mutual respect, and admiration. But I am somewhat prejudiced because I’m a fan of Richard’s poetry and well, mine’s not so bad either.

We hope you like our collaboration, entitled “Love External” that was also a collaboration for the title. I picked “Love”, Richard “External”.

Don’t tell Richard…I selected and included the photograph by my brother-in-law, J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. for being my friend.

Hug Ryder for me.


Love External

when God created time and space

how could He have imagined

in the beginning of creation

before man was raised from dust

He must of had you and I in mind

at minimum a dream of splendor

that can never be reproduced

matters not what our intent imparts

and shall remain as irrefutable

from first breath to our final hour

as the stars and the sun in the

vastness of time and space attest

heavens that are painted above

bear witness to His omnipotent truths

for our love will outlast the sands of time

never to be broken our union abounds

and is stronger than the mountains

yet as tender as flower’s first petal

with a bond created by the very fabric of life itself

life itself

from God’s pure love gifted to you and I

through eternity


Copyright 2016 Richard M Knittle Jr.

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw


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2 Responses to Epic Poetry Lives within Richard M. Knittle, Jr.

  1. I am truly honored and quite speechless as of right now.. You know how hard that is to do. Tears of joy are running down my cheeks, You Ron are a true Poet that has found peace at heart and I am proud to call you a friend..

    Richard M Knittle Jr.
    and Ryder Dean

    • ronshaw says:

      Richard, you are very welcome. It was my pleasure to honor you and Ryder. You are a brilliant poet who consistently weaves words that touch your reader’s hearts, to their very cores, creating a personal connection that you so generously share. Your inspirational poetry moves and uplifts me.
      Thank you, young man, for your kind comments and for being my friend.

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