Feeling a Cold Breeze?


Feeling a Cold Breeze?

Technically, this is a blog post, but unofficially, it’s a nagging Q & A session of exposure, spamming forwarded from my main muse’s inbox. She’s flooding my Word program with harrowing questions. I fear for her lax in productivity, scurrying about in search of answers. I’ll attempt to present her consternations as succinctly as possible because she and her friends tend to influence the verbosity contained within the things I write for publication. Apparently, she has taken on the role of spokesperson for her fellow, pre-strike muses.

Each question will be confronted.

Are blogs passé, traveling at light speed towards Clichéville?

Are you like us, hearing crickets from dawn to dusk?

To what extremes will you sink or rise in exposing yourself and your books? After all, your name is on the covers.

Is tomorrow another day?

Goodness, gracious! You guys ask tough questions.

It has to be admitted. Blogs and those who slog them have become rather an old hat. For more time than I’d like to admit, everyone (well, maybe not everyone) involved in the world of writing has asserted that a site for your blogs to hang about is mandatory. Thus, a domain and website are born in constant need of watering, feeding, and feathering.

I feel so hypocritical.

Folks should see how you write, you Indie #amwriting #writer #author wannabe has been the mantra’s chorus chirped by those singing this lullaby. But when all of humanity and their pets are doing them with the regularity of death and taxes, the word grind becomes close to futile. It’s difficult to comprehend why, “see my blog, see my latest blog, see my this second blog” would be less spammy than simply advertising one’s books. On the surface, a look-here-so-you’ll-hopefully-look-there strategy of marketing doesn’t smell prudent, but in the most basic aspect, that’s what blogs are.

They may well be headed to oblivion, but until something better, like vlogs, strolls into the universe, blogs jet on by fuel vapors.

Personally, I’d prefer to believe the plethora of growing social media choices out there may be better options for the desired exposure.

Shelia (that’s my favorite muse’s name), I’d add to this answer two brief snippets. The mailing lists thing is also getting way old. My email addresses are morbidly rotund with them, and I find myself in agreement with a fellow author of note. Blog… the word itself is quite unattractive, in want of immediate excommunication.

But we must blog on, to what end or purpose, I remain uncertain. Let’s classify it as a mystery.

Yes, Shelia. I’ve grown addicted to the sound of a symphony of crickets, chirp, chirp, chirping away. Please, for me, advise your musemates if they would get off their duffs more often, maybe, the noisy, yet comforting, silence might evaporate.

Extremes? There are no such things within the world of Indie publishing. If we Indieans don’t advertise and market our works, then who will do the hard labor? You? The crickets? I think not. So, there is no sinking when rising is what’s desired.

Tomorrow is and forever will be another day, Miss Shelia and Scarlet, and that’s precisely why every writer needs an excellent editor who will never hesitate to advise their writing client that TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY is a miserable title that would be soon forgotten, and thus, by means of this run-on sentence, this blog’s GONE WITH THE WIND II.


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