LET’S TALK by Dorothy May Mercer


My very good friend, prolific author and boutique publisher at Mercer Publications, Dorthy May Mercer of Michigan has written a new book entitled LET’S TALK that is an admirable beginning for an open discussion about race relations around the world. This is no easy topic for discussion to suggest or elicit others for their contributions. Dorothy May Mercer has the compassion for others and the moxie to do so.

Please participate in this endeavor by reading her book and asking yourself… Who am I?


My review of LET’S TALK was posted at Goodreads because Amazon is again cracking down on authors who happen to read and wish to review books by other authors. This absurdity is a slap in the face of every author who purchases books through Amazon!

If the links fail, this is my review of LET’S TALK.

Let’s Talk: A Black White Dialog in the US and UK
by Many Friends


Ron Shaw‘s review

Mar 25, 16  ·  edit

it was amazing
Read on March 23, 2016

This one will make you ask, “Who am I?”

With LET’S TALK, author, Dorothy May Mercer has presented an honest, intriguing, and timely dialogue between people from the USA and abroad about a subject that continues to foster racial divide and tensions worldwide, that being race relations.
In this book, everyday people, black and caucasian, share their personal experiences with those of a different color skin. Their stories are both inspiring and at times, troubling. Their true racial experiences are uplifting but sometimes, heart-wrenching, making me look deep inside myself to discover my personal shame.
This book is an honest effort or at minimum a genuine, heartfelt beginning by the author to see others through their eyes, hearts, and racial experiences.
We are all God’s children worthy of love, kindness, and understanding.
I would highly recommend this book.


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