Percy’s Meow!


Percy is overwhelmed by the human love and kindness he’s receiving from around the world via the various social media sites.

Our housecat Percy is the first to know when ghost Mary is present.

He wanted me to blog a powerful, claw-free, paw-filled, purrfect “thank you” to those out there who cherish life and especially, to the tireless volunteers like Steve Cartwright @sccart1 who so selflessly give of themselves, ensuring that abandoned and abused animals find a caring family and warm home.

Without kindhearted people, Percy would not be here to bring joy to so many.


a poem for Percy


Percy is a cat
but he doesn’t think so.
He’s a pet
who believes we are, too.
Fancying himself
anything but what he is.
Going about
his self-appointed duties
of master,
defender of our abode,
protecting us.
Snatched from
death’s cruel grasp by
one who’d
become kitten then cat’s
true pet.
Like child, nightly
he rests upon her chest
under chin,
hugging the kind lady
who saved
his weak and tiny soul.
Nursing him
like a lost child. Suckling
Mom’s attention,
he rests in her loving arms.
Percy’s a cat
and keep it to a whisper
because he’s
staring at me now with
the oddest
look on his cute cat face.

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw


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2 Responses to Percy’s Meow!

  1. Steve Cartwright says:

    Donna, Amber, & thou know Percy is a gift from God!

    • ronshaw says:

      We certainly do.
      He was a rascal this morning, demanding I get up early by scratching and pulling the carpet at my bedroom door. When this didn’t work, he commenced running as fast as he could up and down the hallway by the bedroom doors. I finally decided to do as he wished.

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