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Recently, I was delighted to receive a wonderfully kind Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review of THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND by Rabia Tanveer.

Thank you Rabia Tanveer for your marvelous review.

Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue: Canada Bound by Ron Shaw is the story of a teenager who went on a trip to Canada as a boy and came back to Atlanta as a man. Ronnie “Baby Whale” Shaw was one of the very lucky 17 boys who had perfect attendance at school and, as a reward, they get on the Yellow Bus and go on a trip to Canada. This free fun-filled trip was supposed to be a time to let loose and be boys again, but it turned out to be a lesson in life. There are laughs, good times, fries and burgers, and a murderous plot that can end the life of one of these boys. One thing is for sure; life will never be the same. With the vacation taking a weird turn, the only thing they want now is to make it back to their homes in one piece. But can they?

I expected this to be a children’s fiction, and to an extent it was. Nevertheless, it was so much more than that. This novel was filled with life’s lessons. It was happy at times, but sad too. Ronnie is such a cool kid; he was the guru of the group and he basked in the glory. However, he also took his responsibilities very seriously. He knew he had to take care of these boys and he did it well. This is definitely a very good novel that you would enjoy reading on vacation.

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