The superb staff members over at Readers’ Favorite and their entire operation are globally renowned for their professional, impeccable book reviews as well as their yearly, greatly-prized, book awards program. From this prestigious group, to receive either a Five Stars review rating on one of an author’s books or an even higher honor to be a recipient of a highly-coveted Readers’ Favorite Book Award are the highest goals of many authors, especially those Independent authors like me.

To date, I’ve been fortunate enough and honored to receive a Five Stars book review rating from them on two of my books, THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND and more recently on CHRISTMAS PAST: AN ANGEL’S STORY. Publically, I’d like to share my deepest appreciation to Readers’ Favorite, Rabia Tanveer, and Ray Simmons for the excellent opportunities and promotions they provide to writers around the world. This heartfelt gratitude is also individually extended to Rabia Tanveer and Ray Simmons for their independent, touching, and very kind reviews of my two books.


Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue: Canada Bound by Ron Shaw is the story of a teenager who went on a trip to Canada as a boy and came back to Atlanta as a man. Ronnie “Baby Whale” Shaw was one of the very lucky 17 boys who had perfect attendance at school and, as a reward, they get on the Yellow Bus and go on a trip to Canada. This free fun-filled trip was supposed to be a time to let loose and be boys again, but it turned out to be a lesson in life. There are laughs, good times, fries and burgers, and a murderous plot that can end the life of one of these boys. One thing is for sure; life will never be the same. With the vacation taking a weird turn, the only thing they want now is to make it back to their homes in one piece. But can they?

I expected this to be a children’s fiction, and to an extent it was. Nevertheless, it was so much more than that. This novel was filled with life’s lessons. It was happy at times, but sad too. Ronnie is such a cool kid; he was the guru of the group and he basked in the glory. However, he also took his responsibilities very seriously. He knew he had to take care of these boys and he did it well. This is definitely a very good novel that you would enjoy reading on vacation.




Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

I am a Christian. I was born and raised as one. But my faith sometimes needs a strong shot in the arm. Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story by Ron Shaw gave me one today. It is June. We are a long way from Christmas, but I think this boost will last me at least until the Christmas season arrives. Then I will read the story again. I hate to compare anything to the Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, but this story comes pretty close. One of the things I like about it is that it is told by an angel. I tried to remember if I had read any story told from the point of view of an angel and I couldn’t think of any…except ones told by Lucifer. And that’s not the angel I had in mind.

The angel in Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story does not steal the show. I like that. This is first and foremost a story about family. A modern family. A family falling apart. A family that really needs help. A family like this has the potential for a great Christmas story and Ron Shaw delivers on that potential. The characters are so real that I feel I know them. Some of them I have met before. Ron Shaw does characters almost painfully well. The plot is real too. I have seen families in this kind of situation. Thank God it wasn’t my family. Even if you are a Scrooge at heart, trust me, you will love this tale.

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2 Responses to Readers’ Favorite Five Stars Reviews for CHRISTMAS PAST: AN ANGEL’S STORY and THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND

  1. Xiaojuan says:

    Dear Ron,

    Are the two books Philosophy in the Classroom and 1001 Brilliant Writing Ideas yours? Or is their author your namesake? I’m anxious to contact the author?


    Thank you

    • ronshaw says:

      I am sorry. Those are not my books. I’d try to contact him through Twitter, Facebook, or at his website, if he provides one at his Amazon bio.

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