Woe (Malheur)


Isn’t it amazing how people come into your life? The marvelous, incredibly talented friends we meet through the various social media sites are indeed treasures.

What follows is one of my poems in English from my book WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: Poems by Ron Shaw. Amazon Kindle eBook Below the English version is the French translation of this poem. It was presented to me by one of the lovely people I’ve met on this delightful journey in words. Her name is Helene. She is French, and I’m both lucky and proud to know her.


Helene, my dear friend, thank you from my heart.

I hope you enjoy this poem and her translation of it into French.



thousands stare

yet none see

Solitude in numbers

follows me

ears wide open

but none hear

a lonely tear

falls Yearning

still unseen

echoes in screams

flow like milk

barren breasts

do not feed

Longing me

arms should hold

folded they be

lips to kiss

not by thee

ever for me

if only one

could hear


would see

a battered heart

explodes inside

woe is


Copyright © 2015 Ron Shaw


des milliers de regards

pourtant, aucun ne me voit

une innombrable solitude

me poursuit

des oreilles attentives

mais aucune ne m’entend

une larme solitaire

voile un désir ardent

encore invisible

des échos de cris

coulent comme du lait

de poitrines dénudées

ne nourissant pas

me convoitent

des bras envahissant

veulent m’étreindre

des lèvres m’embrasser

aucunement par toi

nullement par moi

si seulement

pouvait s’entendre


se voir

un cœur meurtri

exploser de l’intérieur

Pauvre de


Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw

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