Isn’t it amazing how people come into your life? The marvelous, incredibly talented friends we meet through the various social media sites are indeed treasures.

What follows is one of my poems in English from my book WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: Poems by Ron Shaw. Amazon Kindle eBook Below the English version is the French translation of this poem. It was presented to me by one of the lovely people I’ve met on this delightful journey in words. Her name is Helene. She is French, and I’m both lucky and proud to know her.


Helene, my dear friend, thank you from my heart.

I hope you enjoy this poem and her translation of it into French.



Où s’en est-il allé ?

Il ne saigne plus.

Absence de joie

libre de douleur.

Dans la noirceur,

d’humides tâches

maculent son linceul.

Vide de résonnance,

son fantôme

crie son nom.

De la tombe,

il attend de blesser.

Résolut à venger

sa vie revendiquée

par quarante coups

de sa lame.

Hélas, c’est

moi sous le sol,

pourriture d’absinthe!

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw


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2 Responses to Absinthe

  1. Mervi says:

    C’est jolie ca, Ron 🙂

    Your Twitter friend!

    • ronshaw says:

      Mervi, je comprends cela et merci d’un million de visiter mon site web, lire ma poésie, et de poster un commentaire.
      Without a kind French lady’s translations, my poems would never be published in French. I don’t speak French and must rely on Google Translate to communicate poorly in French.
      Sans les traductions d’un genre dame française, mes poèmes ne seraient jamais publiés en français. Je ne parle pas français et doit compter sur Google Translate pour communiquer mal en français.

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