perchance you know

the pain you cause

torment never-ending

putrid seeds you sew

become pain’s harvest

if only you could feel

that which you inflict

the darkness from you

extinguishes all light,

robbing others of their

dignity, before the glow

of kindness & generosity

largesse’s root to rising

you who are so vacuous

see not, know not, feel not

the gravity of your own

imperfections, festering

within creation’s greatest

gift which remains as

mysterious and foreign

to you as that which my

words clearly bespeak

sorrow, pity, and regret

are but a very few of the

words that aptly describe

that which the caring feel

towards a heartless and

even worse, soulless you


Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw



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4 Responses to Bigotry

  1. Great poem mate.. you reach to the skies.. like a back stroker!!!
    Far Side Travel recently posted…Chapter 6My Profile

  2. Profound and powerful. And like so much of your work, hauntingly beautiful. This poem should be taught in schools and hung on walls. One of your very best, Ron.

    • ronshaw says:

      Carole, thank you so much for that. I’m thrilled that you visit my site, read my posts, and comment on them. Your comments are always like a present to me and very much cherished.

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