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Through my incredible and totally unexpected writing journey that began in October 2013, I’ve come to meet so many gracious, kind, beautiful, and talented people from around the world who I am so honored to call friends. In large part, due to my weekly internet radio show, these lovely friends have appeared, enriching my life beyond measure. One by one they have come, and many of them have done so in either mysterious or serendipitous fashion.



Cleo @Talk2Cleo of the Netherlands is one of the marvelous people who have graced my life with smiles, tenderness, interesting conversation, laughter, and tough talk when needed. Our meeting was somewhat of a mystery, as well. She has a brilliant podcast, where she interviews remarkable people from around the globe. Visit her show website through the link above, and enjoy her podcasts there or live. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a guest of her Talk2Cleo show on two occasions. Cleo is a lovely host who has the innate ability to get to the heart of her guests. I believe she is a true people whisperer.


She has joined me once on The Ron Shaw Show, and I’m thrilled to have her back live on my show with me this Monday (2-29-16) evening from 8 PM to 9 PM Eastern. Please, join us live this Monday or if you can’t, our show will be archived at my radio show website, Facebook page, The Ron Shaw Show, and here, RonShawMedia within hours of the show.

I hope you’ll explore all of the interesting links provided here and enjoy a wonderful lady of the Netherlands named Cleo (one of Cleo’s special shows honoring her past guests and friends with their poetry and stories).

Welcome back to The Ron Shaw Show, Cleo!


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