Either tumbling head over knickers down the rabbit hole with Alice, entering Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone or winning baseball’s Triple Crown without swinging a Louisville Slugger or scoring a World Series game-winning run might best describe the current status of writing around this shallow end of the turbulent waters of the Amazon with authors.

Wonderous things do occur within this word-filled universe of folly and fantasy. Change is as inevitable as spring hayfever in Georgia, but when it comes, the shock can temporarily reduce one to stammering foolishly, gazing into the underbelly of a Trojan’s gift horse. Who truly knows what beasts of work lie in wait?

As beginner’s luck would suffer it, my first publisher has gone the way of the Atlantisians. Like Jonah himself, I’ve been cast from the belly of my captor into an Indie sea filled with the promise of controlling my own re-editing and republishing of my first three novels. In short, my new writing destiny has been gifted, placed squarely on my shoulders. My pen’s total response will finally be my own.

Forget the hundreds upon hundreds of tedious yet exhilarating hours it will take to rewrite re-edit, and republish novels one thru three. After completing the first of the three, SEVEN FISH TREE, I’m one thousand percent certain a finer product has now been offered at a more reasonable, fair, and competitive price for those who enjoy reading my work.

I’m excited to face the challenges ahead, recreating covers, revisiting my stories, making them better. Over the years, I’d like to think my writing abilities have maturated. At any rate, I know I’ve become a more careful writer, realizing a clock or personal deadline are of little or no consequence when writing. The stories tell me when they are finished. Now, I don’t rush them.

Currently, I’m working on my second novel, THE YELLOW BUS BOYS. It should be ready for republishing within one to two months. Once it is out there in eBook and paperback, I’ll take a month or so off before tackling my third, TRANSMUTATION: THE LIFE OF A TWISTED COP.

Below, you will find my new covers for each book. It has been fun to outright recreate them or use PhotoShop and PowerPoint to mold one of them into a fresh look.

I hope you will read and enjoy my “new” older books when they are presented in their 2nd Editions. SEVEN FISH TREE is available now in eBook and paperback.


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