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Recently, I had the great honor to be interviewed by Denise-Marie as the guest on her marvelous, award-winning program Fairy Tale Access. Primarily, the interview concentrated on my book THE YELLOW BUS BOYS, but we also chatted about life in general and my other works as an author. Briefly, we discussed the follow-up book in this series, THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND.

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It was a marvelous experience. Denise is an incredible hostess. Her program, Fairy Tale Access, is top-notch, as well.

Denise also had a guest appearance on my Internet radio show at ArtistFirst Radio Network, The Ron Shaw Show on April 18, 2016. This is the link to her appearance.


Denise-Marie can be contacted at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and her Fairy Tale Access Blog.

Fairy Tale Access Programming is released on PegMedia, Telvue, and YouTube.

Denise, I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation for inviting me into Fairy Tale Access and for giving me the opportunity to come to know you. You are an amazing lady with great talent that seems to flow naturally through you, your words, and kind works. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and continued success in your stated mission with Fairy Tale Access. Thank you also to the people who support you behind the Fairy Tale Access camera. You, they, and your program are stellar!

My appearance on Fairy Tale Access with Denise-Marie can be enjoyed (I hope) through this YouTube link.


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