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Please, as you’re reading this post, click the various links and enjoy the marvelous works of the people below who have enriched my life through their kindness, friendship, generosity, and brilliant creativity!

Helene Leonard of France has an amazing website entitled Happy Writer – Open Your Mind. She writes fascinating stories and blogs about her travels. They are always very interesting, touching and informative. She will also feature travel pieces and some writing projects by others like me and Australian author, Vanya Vetto at her site. Vanya also has a brilliant website, Farside Travel, about travel and the many stories and books he writes. Vanya writes brilliant reviews of books by many authors like the one her did for my book THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND.

Helene has posted two pieces about our meeting and collaboration on making my book of poems in English, WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: Poems by Ron Shaw a reality in French. She has also incorporated original artwork by another friend, Toons by Steve Cartwright and photos taken by my brother-in-law, Photography by J. Robert Sosby, that are depicted within my book of poems.



This is the link to the first piece about our translation collaboration at Happy Writer.

This is an artist friend's drawing of ghost Mary.

This is Steve Cartwright’s drawing of ghost Mary.

At her website, Helene also wrote a short piece and poem about her experiences while translating my poetry into French. She appreciates photography as well as poetry. Her poem is moving and very beautiful. It is entitled L’AME SENSIBLE DU PHOTOGRAPHE ~ THE SENSITIVE SOUL OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER

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  1. Steve Cartwright says:

    How U say in Freench: mannyfeek!

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