Helene Leonard

This post is one of dedication and friendship. I’m honored to introduce a young lady who is a beautiful spirit to my little world of writing and circle of friends, stateside and International. She is from France, and her name is Helene Leonard.


Isn’t it amazing how people come into your life? The marvelous, incredibly talented friends we meet through the various social media sites are indeed treasures.

Helene loves to travel and write stories along the way. She has a brilliant website Happy Yoga Travels and she can be easily contacted at Twitter @HappyYoga2 and at Facebook Happy Yoga

I firmly believe she is a unique lady who has a heart as large as the world she travels. Helene is an avid reader who has translated works for other authors. It is apparent that if she is impressed with an author’s writing, she will reach out and possibly, translate their work(s) into French.

Thanks to a very good friend from Australia, Vanya Vetto, who is also an author, I was introduced to Helene. She very much liked my book of poems WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: Poems by Ron Shaw and wanted to translate them into French. The three of us have collaborated on this project and a book DANS L’ABIME INTERIEUR: Poemes par Ron Shaw has been published. DANS L’ABIME INTERIEUR RECUEIL DEUX: Poems par Ron Shaw is available now.

Helene had a brilliant suggestion in reference to these poems in English and French. Her idea was to combine the two into one book. Thus, two new books were created, one for Amazon, USA and the other for Amazon, France. They are now available at Amazon, WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: DANS L’ABIME INTERIEUR RECUEILS UN & DEUX and DANS L’ABIME INTERIEUR RECUEILS UN & DEUX: WITHOUT FROM WITHIN.

Vanya Vetto can also be found on Twitter @i_far and at Facebook as Vanya Vetto.

Helene Leonard and Vanya Vetto have my heartfelt appreciation for being my friends from afar yet as close as my fingertips.

Helene, my sweet friend, you have a special corner in my heart.






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4 Responses to Helene Leonard

  1. Vanya Vetto says:

    ok that was so kind of you …

  2. It’s Twitter Fate, Ron. Is that Twate or is that Fwitter? And a new word for our morphing vocabulary?

    • ronshaw says:

      Carole, I’d prefer Twate…excellent creation. It has a certain ring to it.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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