Mary’s Revenge

This is an artist friend's drawing of ghost Mary.

Who’s Future?

 It’s a putrid existence that naturally materializes when trapped in limbo between two planes of being.

Mary was marooned in death, shackling her eternal soul in a pale, green vaporous form. The ghost recognized this the moment it burst into creation. It could think, remember and reason. The corpse it rested upon post burial could not.

With Mary’s last breath, its being shared the pain of death and anguish of loss along with its previous host. Void of God’s grace, the two were as twins the instant Mary’s precious life was taken, and the emergence of the young woman’s spirit was spawned.

Exploding within the ghost were evil thoughts of mayhem and terror. Its immediate purpose became clear with visions of torture running amuck among clusters of ghostly machinations…


strange these feelings be.

The love, the hurt, your hopes,

and dreams. I can see.

Anger rests heavy within me.

Your soul is pure and safe

but never in me.

One day child, we’ll both be free.

Death must come to he

who raped, the life

he drained from thee.

I remain to deal doom to him

for you and me.

Be still my dead,

embrace the rot.

Vengeance will be ours

 fore time means not.

Paul walks among the living.

While I float here with you,

our dearly departed.

We’ll fly to him one day.

Be ever still my silent heart.

You and I are one,


 In 1889, a baby girl had entered this world without love, unnamed and homeless until nuns of an orphanage took her in. The abandoned infant was named Miriam the day she entered the Catholic home for girls. At age ten, she was adopted, removing her forever from the orphanage.  Her name was quickly changed to Mary by her evil guardian, Miss Mueller. Our Miriam despised that name, until once outed, she had heard it from the lips of her love, Paul.

In life, out of necessity, Mary had become accustomed to playing two roles. To most who knew her, she was Miriam, but to a select few she was recognized as Mary.

Without knowing it, in death, she once again became two. Mary may well have been accustomed to playing two parts, but her ghost wasn’t…not yet, at least.

The future was uncertain for those who had loved Mary, even more so for her persecutors.


Ron Shaw

Copyright 2015

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8 Responses to Mary’s Revenge

  1. Steve Cartwright says:

    Her enemies don’t wanna see Dead Mary mad!

  2. Mary is shaping up! keep at it son!
    Far Side Travel recently posted…Bombings & MonkeysMy Profile

  3. Wow, some sinister implications going on there! A promise of mystery and revenge to come? I’m intrigued.

    • ronshaw says:

      Carole, thank you for stopping by, reading my latest post and especially for your comments on it.
      Mary’s ghost frightens me, and I’m at her and its beck and call. I fear she’ll demand justice in the worst imaginable ways. Blood will flow…It demands it!

  4. Greg Palko says:

    I’ll be looking forward to this one. Time to allow the crimson to flow.

    • ronshaw says:

      I appreciate your visit to my site and your comments. We’ll see rivers of crimson before she’s done with the evil in her life. The ghost will have its justice.

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