beauty knows not
what eyes see
heart never feels
a gentle breeze
light and shadows
captured in time
God’s greatest gifts
the visually sublime

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw

Photography by J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta, GA
Poem by Ron Shaw of GA

3-17-2016 2-14-46 PM
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4 Responses to Nature

  1. I am an author and I came across your page by chance and I simpky loved this poem.

  2. I came across your page by chance and I simply loved this poem.

    • ronshaw says:

      Hi, Sharnetha. Your visitation and comments are greatly appreciated. Stop in often for a bunch of, at times, wild and crazy posts. My site tends to be a little different than many out there. My books are, too.
      Check out the ‘About’ page for tons of boring information. LOL

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