Our Rusty


Isn’t it amazing how people come into your life? The marvelous, incredibly talented friends we meet through the various social media sites are indeed treasures.

What follows is one of my poems in English from my book WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: Poems by Ron Shaw. Amazon Kindle eBook Below the English version is the French translation of this poem. It was presented to me by one of the lovely people I’ve met on this delightful journey in words. Her name is Helene. She is French, and I’m both lucky and proud to know her.


Helene, my dear friend, thank you from my heart.

I hope you enjoy this poem and her translation of it into French.


Our Rusty

within those moments of in between

before sleep steals that which lingers

thoughts of those departed renewed

halcyon’s glow and reality suspended

transported back to a life’s beginning

nephew’s first breath, journey unfolds

time unrelenting, our love to adoration

in manhood, he travels a familiar path

evil lurks in shadows, forever waiting

destroying beauty in one cruel blow

too brutal to dim by halcyon’s glow

rest in peace our love, heart, and soul

Copyright © 2015 Ron Shaw

Notre Rusty

Dans ces instants qui précèdent le sommeil

volent les pensées qui s’attardent sur l’éclat de la réalité

de ceux qui nous ont quitté

suspendus par la lueur renouvelée des jours heureux

transportés vers le premier souffle de la naissance d’un neveu,

son voyage se déroule implacable, notre amour adore son courage,

il parcourt un intime chemin

le mal rôde dans l’ombre, attendant toujours de détruire la beauté

d’un cruel seul souffle si brutal pour assombrir la lueur des jours heureux

repose en paix dans notre amour, notre cœur et notre âme.

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw


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2 Responses to Our Rusty

  1. Beautiful poem, Ron! Thank you for sharing it! Best wishes for your new book.

    All the best,

    • ronshaw says:

      Juliette, thank you reading my poetry and especially for popping over and commenting.
      I have posted a third one done in both English and French here this evening.

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