What is it about…poetry?


Hopefully, you can help me out with this one.

What is it about poetry?

I know I’ve been very fond of it from the earliest age, and it’s mysterious allure continues to beckon me into a world composed of words that are all too often veiled in deeper meaning. When reading literature, I tend to be more obvious oriented, a bird is a bird and a flower is a…well, not often in poems.

After publishing twelve works, from deep within me, the innate urge to express myself in an entirely different manner overtook me.

As far back as I can remember, reading poetry has always been a passion. It may well have been one of the key factors in choosing English Literature as my college major.

This collection is the result of exposing my soul and heart in a way I’d never dreamed of doing.

While my other published works are integral parts of me, I now understand that poetry is the essence of who I was, am, and forever will be.

With the understanding that these are my inaugural offerings and with the compassion to allow a heart without and soul within to falter, I hope you enjoy my poems.


Without From Within: Poems by Ron Shaw is my inaugural dabbling into poetry. It has proven to be an entirely different journey in words than my other works. I never realized there was such a vast, worldwide community of poets and readers who share my appreciation of it. Yes. I am naivete is apparent. But through G+, a wonderful window has opened for me as a novice at writing poetry where sharing poems is a passion.

Poetry commands the singular ability to lay one prostrate and bare before the reader, giving safe refuge to words and thoughts of depth excavated from crevices yet explored deep within the poet. I find no other form of writing to be so utterly and beautifully invasive.

The poems that follow are my second collection of published poetry. My initial traverse into the purest of all literature, poetry, Without From Within, has surpassed my greatest expectations. It has been well-received. I’m humbled by the praise it continues to garner from readers worldwide. I’m delighted many have found favor with my poems and the photographs contained within the book. I see no reason to alter what has been a successful combination of poetry and photography. Hopefully, each offering will please your senses as well as touch your emotions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poem speaks volumes.

I hope you will enjoy TraVerses: Poems by Ron Shaw as well as the photographs presented by my brother-in-law, J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta, Georgia.


If anything, trying my pen at writing and publishing poems has given me a deeper appreciation for the purest of all literature, poetry.

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2 Responses to What is it about…poetry?

  1. Ron,

    I believe your poetry is the “fine-tuned” culmination of the heart and soul of your books.

    Your poems are an extension of the beauty presented within the emotional thread of what lies – beneath, within, and throughout – the journey of innocence, and purity of heart, your stories represent. Poetry seems to be the natural “next-step” for you to be drawn to, and understandably so.

    The vulnerability found in your books, comes alive in your poems. The “invasiveness” poetry lends itself to, reflecting the heart of the poet, is a necessary avenue. Only then can beauty rise in it’s purist form. The seeds planted within the heart of your books, have blossomed into your poetry. Beautiful transition, my friend.

    The picture you shared, of yourself as a young boy, is so reflective of your poetry. The expressive weight of life-experiences, awaiting the freedom of opportunity – to be shared…with a beauty only vulnerability can muster. When penned into words…a healing of heart and soul.

    Wishing you all the best, Ron. Blessings to you.

    Onward! 📚🌟

    Suzanne Holko recently posted…“Random Acts of Kindness…Caught Being Good?”My Profile

    • ronshaw says:

      Suzanne, every word you’ve written above is beautiful. For once, I’m beyond words. Breathtaking insights presented perfectly! Thank you so very much for this.

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