Southern Brewed Poetry

Southern Brewed Poetry is Georgia author, Ron Shaw’s third publication of poems. The reader will find them to be unique, at times, quite literary, thought-provoking, and intriguing. As the title indicates, the author has tapped into his Southern roots to brew an eclectic mixture of marvelous poetry certain to capture the imagination, whimsy, heart, and soul of the reader.
Like his earlier poetry books, these poems are interwoven with the superb photography of J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta, Georgia. Rob is the author’s brother-in-law. He possesses a keen, artistic, and discerning eye, reaching beyond his camera, drawing the viewer into his world of serenity and beauty.
Ron and Robert hope you enjoy Southern Brewed Poetry.

Southern Brewed Poetry is my latest book of poetry to be published and the second Hubble image I’ve used for a book cover. The first was used for the novelette, Christmas Past: An Angel’s Story.

This latest offering may well be my best collection of poems to date, and the photos by Atlantan, J. Robert Sosby are incredible!
Southern Brewed Poetry is live now at Amazon.
Once again, I’d like to personally thank the fine folks at NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScl) for granting me permission to use another of their stellar Hubble images. I’ve forever been fascinated and mesmerized by the cosmos. I could not be more honored, humbled, and thrilled by their kindness.

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The Sitter by Ron Shaw

A good book can add color and adventure to your life… one bench at a time. Take a seat, have a read, and taste life!

The Sitter

Not so many birthdays ago
a tale was presented to me.
Every day for twenty years
my travels carried me down
and up a busy, city highway
passed an old, wrinkled man,
sitting beneath a big, lush tree,
talking to it as if it could see
and hear the stories he related.
Regardless of weather, he’d be
seated on a small, stone bench
just inside a short, iron fence,
circling the attentive pecan tree.
One evening, on my way home,
I stopped to finally learn what
this scene could possibly glean.
With back to me, a weak voice
said, “Young man, have a seat.”
After an easy step over the fence,
quietly, I took the offered bench.
“Allow me to present ‘Dog’ to you.”
Sir, I don’t see a dog, only this tree
and that stunning cane you carry.
“Dog likes to play catch and the
cane’s here more for him than me.”
I’m sorry but I don’t understand.
“No, you wouldn’t, but you will.”
“Thirty years ago to this December,
a young boy made a Christmas wish,
living not 3 front porches to our left.”
“Like most residents of these projects,
his family was as poor as you’d expect.”
“His Mom knew what he wanted but
his dream gift was beyond her means.”
“The lad wanted a dog. It was his wish.”
“The 25th arrived and Mom decided to
give her son that which he had requested.”
“Taking him by the hand, she walked him
outside, leading him to this scrawny, sickly,
little tree. Son, this is your dog and it’s
the only one we can afford to keep. He’s
yours. So name him what you will, but
know that you will be responsible for his
every need. This dog belongs to you alone.
“At first, he was confused about the whole
thing, but he named his poor, tiny tree Dog.”
“Winter turned into spring, summer coming.”
“The boy decided Dog was even better than
the real, four-legged thing because his bark
had no bite and he knew exactly where his
Dog would be, waiting for him. Over time,
he nursed his pet back to ideal health, and
every spring puppy saplings would sprout
beneath his branches. The boy would tend
the young, transplanting them when ready.”
“Look around you and see how exquisite
they’ve turned out to be. The years flew by.”
“The young boy turning into a mature teen.”
“Twenty-two years ago, the little boy, then
a teen, was struck by a vehicle, killing him
not ten yards from his Dog who happens
to be a glorious monument to a caring soul
who was willing to see the worth in another
living, grand thing that was gifted to him.”
“If you look on the opposite side of Dog you
will see a plaque, honoring a young boy and
his Dog who beautifully remains a pecan tree.”
I sat there, quietly, beside this gentle, worn man
while he spoke tenderly to Dog, teasing him
with raised cane. It was the most amazingly
serene thing I’d done during a life half the age
of the old man and puppy years to Dog, the tree.
With the sun fading away, I bid goodbye to my
new, storytelling friend. In parting, a sad smile
covered his drained and weary face. Suddenly,
dawning on me, praying that this grieving man
had found forgiveness for accidently taking a teen
away from his Dog and the tending of his trees.

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw

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Creative Quarterly International – August 2016

Hi,  Georgia Author and Internet Radio Host, Ron Shaw here to inform you that the August 2016 edition of CQ, Creative Quarterly International magazine is out! I’d like to personally thank Mr. Paul White and all of the fine folks at CQ for the wonderful spread you did on me. I’m both honored and humbled by your kindness and generosity.


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The Vision of Artists… C. William “Justice” Clarke & Joseph Stalnaker

It’s somewhat mysterious and yet, always incredibly amazing how the creative, artistic mind works. Such is the case with two highly talented artists – author, poet, and radio host, Justice Clarke of Northern, USA and artist, fashion designer, Joseph Stalnaker of New York City.

Yesterday, neither of these men knew of each other. As an author and fledgling poet with a proposal for a future guest on his show, I suggested Justice Clarke take a look at my nephew’s art website at Justice is seeking artists, musicians, authors, and poets to interview on his new Internet radio show at entitled “The Art of the Artist with Justice Clarke.”

Justice’s radio show will air live every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Monday from 8 to 9 PM EST. This coming Monday, 8-01-16, I am very honored to be a guest on Justice’s live show.

Justice took a look at Joseph’s art, and one of his works inspired a marvelous new poem. It is listed below with the work shown.

I hope you enjoy Justice’s stellar poem and Joseph’s brilliant art, as well as their biographies and other works.

C. William (Justice) Clarke can be easily contacted and his poetry and art found through Facebook, Smashwords, and Amazon.

Biography of C. William (Justice) Clarke;

The author C. William Clarke has been working with his imagination since he was a young boy and began writing and illustrating his own original comic book stories at the age of thirteen up until he graduated form high school.

He took a break from this while he majored in Psychology at New York University where he earned his degree . It was there that he learned due to his essays and talks with his professors that he had a knack for writing. He then spent several years working in the mental health field as a drug and alcohol counselor and a clinical therapist. Due to a near fatal car accident,personal hardships, and emotional struggles, he begin to write what he was feeling as a coping mechanism. He wrote his first public poem on Facebook under the trademarked moniker ” Thoughts of a Single Man” in December 2010 and has never stopped.

In 2011 he won the Blood Sweat and Tears poetry slam and began to concentrate on writing his first poetry book. From that time until late 2012 he has written and published six short books, “Thoughts of a Single Man-100 poems in 100 days” , “Thoughts of a Single Man Vol. 2 Poetry for the Grown and Sexy, The Erotica Files”, ” Love Letters”, “Confessions of the Pen”, ” Ink Without Fear” and a men’s mental health guide called” After She Leaves -A healing guide for the suddenly single male.” all of which are available .

In 2013 he was featured in a poetry collaboration, a individual poem, and a short erotic story in the book “Hot Summer Nights” available through He also won the infamous blog radio Poetry After Dark’s ” Battle of the Metaphors” in December of that same year.

In 2014 he was featured in the P.O.E.T anthology, and was one of the four featured poets profiled in Inner Child’s year end review poetry compilation ” The Year of the Poet.” as well as becoming a internet show radio host on the P.O.E.T. talk shoe network.

This year he was also featured in Inner Child’s latest compilation ” Black Males.”. He has released his first poetry /musical Cd this year which can be found on CD baby entitled ” Sounds of a Spoken Soul- a journey in love”. He completed a graphic novel which he is also illustrated this past fall called ” Redemption Alley” which should be available on Amazon by the end of this year.

Most recently he was a former senior executive producer as well as a radio talk show host on the APRI network working alongside blog radio personality Kiler Davenport. He is now working with the acclaimed One Positive Way Radio network as a poetry and talk show host.

Currently he has released an epic compilation of his poetry entitled “Emotions in Ink ” , which is compromised of five chapters of five different styles of his original poetry which spans over five hundred pages available on Amazon.Find him on Facebook at and become lost in the endless rivers that flow from C. William Clarke also known as the “Thoughts of a Single Man”.

In the Breath of her Art

by Justice Clarke

Her soul escapes in fragmented slivers
Whispers that slip free in traveled darkness
Where melancholy melodies
Are played on the eternal strings
Of an imagined symphony
Plucked from the teeming chords
That tremble in the torment of her soul
Her passion soars above her
Like reaching arms of rugged caliber
seeking to grace the radiance
Held in the belly of an endless sky
Her sorrow ebbs beneath her
Swimming in the pulse of the shadows
That drown her in their iron existence
Like muddy hands seizing her
In the quick of a sinking velvet swirl
Her madness purged in its perch
There on the mantle of her insanity
Etching minute expanding cracks
Claimed in the mirrors of her genius
As silent screams of her whimsy
Weave their infinite patterns
On the canvas levied in the quiet shatter
Heard in the seascape of the breaking dawn
A moment captured in the sketching diagram
Where her heart surrenders at last
And bows full as the slave to her creative will
And thus she is born again

Thoughts of a Single Man © 2016 tm

Biography of artist, fashion designer, Joseph Stalnaker;

Born: Atlanta, GA

Lives: New York, NY

Art Exhibitions

The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection The Museum of Modern Art New York, NY

The Sad Summer Show, Rivington Arms New York, NY

Made in New York Jen Bekman New York, NY

Wingate Memorial Exhibition The University of Alabama Sarah Moody Gallery Tuscaloosa, AL



Compass in Hand Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection, The Museum of Modern Art Publishing 2009

Models & Rock Stars, V Magazine

Footballfrieze, Sepp Magazine

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All things considered…

Have you asked yourself why you write? I won’t inquire how often. I know you do so out of your love for writing. Many would offer that they are compelled to put pen to paper or busy fingers to MS Word. It is within their DNA. But with these answers as gospel, what is the purest and probably, simplest expectation at the core of your hard work? What do you anticipate in return for the thousands upon thousands of hours you have spent putting a manuscript together for publication? Once it is out there, what is next? Is it for fame or monetary gain despite the huge odds against these?

From where I labor with words, the simple answers rest in a reader and a review. Hopefully, there will be plenty of both.

Beyond reading an author’s book, it’s well known that the best gift a reader can present to an author is a fair and honest review. Their import should never be minimized or disparaged.

There is no better feeling of satisfaction for those of us who write than knowing someone appreciates your words in print. One gracious review can fuel your pen while making those tedious hours invested worth every second.

There is no greater example of what I’m trying to convey than this magnificent review given to my novella, MARY’S TRUNK by internationally acclaimed, best-selling, Australian author, C.A. Hocking. I’m delighted she read some of my books, and it was an honor to receive her brilliant and very kind review on this one, as well as my poetry.

This alone answers every question above.

From the heart of my pen and soul of my words, thank you dearly, C.A. Hocking.

5.0 out of 5 stars Mr  Shaw takes us on a delightful and original journey.

on April 25, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Yesterday I sat in the Autumn sun here in Australia and read Ron Shaw’s Cramped Quarters Part 1 after a recommendation from a friend to whom I’d already recommended Mr Shaw’s poetry of which I’m already a devotee. All I’d been told was it was about a ghost. So I began, not sure what I was going to get. Well, what I got was a little of Mary, the Victorian ghost living inside an antique trunk purchased by Mr Shaw (and indeed I am intrigued by her story which will apparently unfold in the sequels), but what was more important was I got an insight into Mr Shaw’s world of insomnia, garage sales, squirrels, Croation beauties, high school reunions, the injustice of bullying, family health crises, and a deeply spiritual, compassionate and articulate human being in his stream-of-consciousness meanderings. His writing is a joy! Having already fallen in love with his poetry, I found his way with expressing his thoughts in prose to be naturally poetic. In every line and paragraph. He has a gift for letting us in without making us feel like intruders. I giggled at his description of the intellectual abilities of squirrels and racoons, shed a tear for his wife as they made their way through the cancer maze and cheered him on as he supported a victim of lifetime bullying. I found this little book to be fearless in revealing who the author is and refreshingly original in this era of copy-cat authors trying to cash in on the latest fads. I’ve downloaded the rest of Mary’s and Mr Shaw’s story with anticipation. And now I have to go. Got some good books to read!


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Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review for THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND

Recently, I was delighted to receive a wonderfully kind Readers’ Favorite 5-star Review of THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND by Rabia Tanveer.

Thank you Rabia Tanveer for your marvelous review.

Book Review

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

The Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue: Canada Bound by Ron Shaw is the story of a teenager who went on a trip to Canada as a boy and came back to Atlanta as a man. Ronnie “Baby Whale” Shaw was one of the very lucky 17 boys who had perfect attendance at school and, as a reward, they get on the Yellow Bus and go on a trip to Canada. This free fun-filled trip was supposed to be a time to let loose and be boys again, but it turned out to be a lesson in life. There are laughs, good times, fries and burgers, and a murderous plot that can end the life of one of these boys. One thing is for sure; life will never be the same. With the vacation taking a weird turn, the only thing they want now is to make it back to their homes in one piece. But can they?

I expected this to be a children’s fiction, and to an extent it was. Nevertheless, it was so much more than that. This novel was filled with life’s lessons. It was happy at times, but sad too. Ronnie is such a cool kid; he was the guru of the group and he basked in the glory. However, he also took his responsibilities very seriously. He knew he had to take care of these boys and he did it well. This is definitely a very good novel that you would enjoy reading on vacation.

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The Inspired Writers, Author Showcase

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Guest Appearance on Fairy Tale Access

Recently, I had the great honor to be interviewed by Denise-Marie as the guest on her marvelous, award-winning program Fairy Tale Access. Primarily, the interview concentrated on my book THE YELLOW BUS BOYS, but we also chatted about life in general and my other works as an author. Briefly, we discussed the follow-up book in this series, THE YELLOW BUS BOYS GO BLUE: CANADA BOUND.

It was a marvelous experience. Denise is an incredible hostess. Her program, Fairy Tale Access, is top-notch, as well.

Denise also had a guest appearance on my Internet radio show at ArtistFirst Radio Network, The Ron Shaw Show on April 18, 2016. This is the link to her appearance.

Denise-Marie can be contacted at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and her Fairy Tale Access Blog.

Fairy Tale Access Programming is released on PegMedia, Telvue, and YouTube.

Denise, I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation for inviting me into Fairy Tale Access and for giving me the opportunity to come to know you. You are an amazing lady with great talent that seems to flow naturally through you, your words, and kind works. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and continued success in your stated mission with Fairy Tale Access. Thank you also to the people who support you behind the Fairy Tale Access camera. You, they, and your program are stellar!

My appearance on Fairy Tale Access with Denise-Marie can be enjoyed (I hope) through this YouTube link.


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Shepherd ~ Written by Ron Shaw Video by The Carmen Online Theater Group on Youtube


Shepherd – Written by Ron Shaw performed by Liane Moon Raven, Video by The Carmen Online Theater Group on YouTube

Liane MoonRaven, thank you from deep within my heart and The Carmen Online Theater Group so much for this beautiful narration performance and video of my poem, Shepherd. You are an incredibly talented and giving lady with the voice of an angel. Your Online Radio series The Blurbs is brilliant!

Liane MoonRaven’s Twitter page

Liane MoonRaven’s Facebook page

Liane’s Facebook page 2 


take it
here’s my hand
I’ve been there
where you are
living the hurt
depressed, lonely
you’re not alone
I’m here for you
there’s a path out
the way is known
here are both hands
take them
no, the ascent is not
easy but you’re strong
more than you realize
I know you’re afraid
many were before us
you think the hole’s
too deep, vast & dark
stagnant & mildewed
you’ve grown familiar
to futility’s nothingness
trust in me and let go
of all that’s behind you
its grip grows weaker
with every step we take
there’s a light just ahead
its warm glow appears
keep walking forward
to never glance back
can you see it, the exit
has been at the tip of
your nose but you’re
eyes have been closed
welcome back to life
with eyes wide open
take it

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw

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Last Call

This next selection contained in WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: POEMS BY RON SHAW was written to be performed while listening to 56th Grammy Winner Laura Sullivan’s composition “Moonlight Passage.”

Some editorial changes have been made to the initial selection.

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning, and bestselling poet and author C. William “Justice” Clarke performs my poem, “Last Call” to the composition “Moonlight Passage” by 56th Grammy Winner, Laura Sullivan.

To Justice and Laura, my deepest appreciation!

Last Call

New York City and it’s 1942.

The rain is coming down harder,

the night swallows him.

It’s so damned hot.

He sits in his window sill, staring


into the wet city streets,

looking for a breeze, a girl to return,

glaring at nothing.

Even the roads are dead.

A few poor souls scamper soaked

towards cover, cover of the night.

He needs a place to hide right now.

In the little jazz bar across the street,

a haunting tune drifts

from the open door

into his black abyss.

He is as lonely as he’s ever been,

desperately in need of a drink,

a lot of them.

She left him again.


Who knows for certain.

He did something so wrong

but very familiar.

She won’t be back,

not this time.

He lights his last cigarette,

trying to understand

How can two people be far apart

and so in love?

He knows she still loves him.

He tried to apologize.

He always does but this night

she’s gone, truly over him.

He hopes she is safe and dry,

somewhere close. Suddenly,

he can’t feel her.

The panic inside him explodes.

Her perfume fades

on his neck.

The rain fights against him, too.

It also knows she is over him.

The rain is only trying to help.

But nothing

not even that hauntingly perfect music

from the piano, the horn, will aid.

Oh, God! He prays she is close, dry and safe.

The smoke from his final Camel drifts

lifeless into the night.

He better make it last.

Nothing lasts long in his life

not a cigarette,

a job,

his girl.

This one was special.

She’s the one. Now that’s over.

He can hear the piano,

pounding out the last sinew

of life in his heart.

How did they know

what tune to play

in that little jazz club

across the way?

Does everyone in New York City,

in the world, know he’s suffering?

The sweat rolls


down his brow and onto his guinea T.

Hope evaporates, taking his last draw.

The music fades away

onto the drenched streets.

The rain won’t stop. His heart has.

Yes, she is gone.

Copyright © 2016 Ron Shaw

The music dims to silence.

Laura Sullivan’s, “Moonlight Passage.”

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